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As part of our 3-year strategic plan, we will be working to increase transportation resources in our service area of Douglas and Sarpy Counties. When we ask the people we serve about barriers to greater independence and self-reliance, transportation is at the top of every list.

We learned this again during our 2018 community needs assessment process. People need reliable transportation. Without it, they lose key opportunities to work, experience new things, and better their lives. We already have a strong team of drivers who do great work transporting children, seniors, and most recently, BHS clients.

To build on this strength and start to fill the transportation gap, we must gather information directly from those we serve about what type of transportation resources are most needed in our community.

  • ​The Community Transportation Needs survey is our tool to gather data about which clients are most affected and the specific challenges they have experienced within the last year.

Click the following link access the confidential survey:

Blind / Visually Impaired:


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