Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership

Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership (ENCAP) has been a part of Nebraska since 1964 when we opened our first offices in Omaha. For more than 50 years ENCAP has helped Nerbaskans to help themselves by providing access to the education, resources, and tools that help people to help themselves. Find out more and get involved today!




ENCAP makes communities better by helping people make a better place for themselves. ENCAP is able to create, grow, and adapt our programs to the most effective and efficient practices to help the real needs, of real people, in the communities that we serve. Find out how you can get involved and about the services that ENCAP offers.


Healthy communities need access to health services. ENCAP helps communities in Eastern Nebraska. We believe in our community and provide the services for people to have access to mental health services through support groups, substance abuse assistance, as well as student training.


Food is essential to well-being. When you have security of food and shelter, then you can begin to embrace opportunities and growth. For more than 30 years, ENCAP has provided families and individuals with access to food when they are most in need. We also work with local organizations like Big Garden to provide access to garden space for people to grow their own healthy food. Access to food is one of the ways the ENCAP helps our community to move forward.

Supporting our programs
is upporting Nebraska.


ENCAP supports families. Sometimes families need the stability and support of their community. ENCAP is part of that foundation of providers that provide emergency assistance, mentoring for youth, as well as providing a place of community for seniors. If you know someone who has no place left to turn, come to ENCAP.


ENCAP provides transportation services that help families and youth in Eastern Nebraska. To get things done, you need access to transportation to get places. ENCAP helps seniors, individuals, families and youth to have access to the transportation they need to stay safe and healthy.